…the days…

He slept now, and she went to find herself once again.
To feel need, to feel wanting seemed foreign to her now, and it
disturbed the center achieved in three years’ aloneness.

Tears rose up, and she pondered the strangeness of the day’s
passages.  Each day rolled like waves upon one another, creating
a layered mass of nothing but change.

She was in search of self here, and togetherness only spurred
on the quest… Contrasts creating stretch…

A blue truck drew away her focus.  Old blue truck, careening
down the winding stone street, large warm drops touched her
hungry skin, cool point of light on browning edges, edges of her
self…where she stopped …where other began.

So immersed was she in it now.  There was no room for thoughts.
She reached for words, familiar touchstones to what she knew,
to what she had known, but three days ago.  And now what?
No clues, only moment on moment, flesh touched for the first
time in so many how longs.
Skin hungry yet hiding…for fear.. for fear of what?
Discovery…real discovery.



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