…he said…

I’ll never lie to you….  I’ll be true to you….
I’ll carry you on my back if need be…

The words.  They rang in my head now, as I lay near him,
tossled, sweaty, still drunk from the new years night.
Who was he now?  He’d said so many things, perfect things,
and now that I was once again his prisoner, a stranger in
a strange land, at his command, his mercy, his brutal life
style which had included lying, and cheating…. and now?
Now I had carried Him for hours of cold and lonely fear,
protected Him, been true to Him, and it all just came
crashing down.  Morning light was cruelly harsh, lighting
that crumbling hovel he called a home, filled only with
him and his sad and bitter life.
Back in Rio, full of hopes and dreams that were beginning
to crack and crackle before my reddened eyes.

Getting back into the frame of mind will be a challenge.
I have been busy doing other things, things that are somewhat
180 …………from writing about stuff from the past.
I do life coaching now, and being in the moment is what
it’s all about……….. not recalls.
Responding to the voice on the phone, the face of Other,
reminding Intuition that This is me too,  and
I Know this, I understand this, and
I only need to trust this intuitive part of me that
has been stuffed away forever,
and it will tell me Everything, and give me every answer
for this Other that IS me.
We are all just a mirror for Self.
Realize this, and life becomes a magical movie full
of sound and fury…………and yes, i’m going there…….
………and signifying …………..ALL.



…here and now…

good morning, good afternoon and good evening

Well old friend, it’s been a long time since we last visited.

I have stayed away on purpose.  One can only do so many
things at a time well, and my focus has been with things
new and quite different from reminiscences of old loves.

Still, I have made a vow to myself, and I am not one to take
that sort of thing lightly.  I promised I would write a book to
share an experience in my life, one that drifted with me for
a long long time, and then flared like flash fire….and then
evaporated like the ethereal thing it became.

Oh it was real.  No doubt about that.  But it was not something
to last in the planes that we here call real, the here and now.
Worth telling….. worth sharing….. worth finishing.

I’ll be back……………