… there is a season …

Been doing the Flashback Dance this morning… tuned Pandora
to Buffalo Springfield, cause i love those boys, and Voila!
I was transported to my past and the glory days of the sixties.
Amongst the many varied offerings, This one stood
Strong and True…….. and Timely…

Sometimes, in perilous eras and with anguishing hearts,
we Forget. It Will fall together, come up correctly, and,
as a friend sang to me his song, these words,
just for me, long long ago…
“It’ll be alright… it’ll be alright…
it’ll Beee Aaallll Riiiight”…………

And it Will……… just meditate on this Heavenly message,
brought to you through these Heavenly Messengers.





… bless these times …

Just as loss helps us appreciate what is now…
Just as pain helps us relish the good times…
Just as rain reminds us to feel the joyous sunlight…

So tragedy stops us in our tracks…. just long enough
to Think about what we want for the future and
give Thanks for the good fortune that we know.

Use this time, this cluster of moments, these out
of Time places that we find ourselves in, to
gain the Perspective that they lend… away from
the safe complacency that our day to day allows.


Bless these times, give Thanks for these times…

Use them to grow stronger and Create what we
want in the now, in the future, in this
world we call life.

Give thanks and realize that
we are not victims….
we are witnesses to all that
we came here to change.
Yes, we are the Ones….

… the now …


Now.  Yes now is a new now.  A now i have not known
for a while.  I spread out.  I contemplate.  I realize how
completely roped in, restricted, limited, restrained…
I have chosen to be.  Chosen……
Because it’s a Choice… all of it.
Because i am not a victim…
Not of circumstance… nor happenstance… nor accident.
I have chosen to limit myself for a good long time now,
so as to build up a sort of Head of Steam….
a percolation of contemplation,
a pause in the movement …
a waiting for the opening Gate
that finally says ….Go….
And to burst forth…. hesitantly, yes…. sleepily and
with questioning eye… a little at a time… yet
with a slow awakened realization that here i am…
i am where i want to be, where i have chosen to be, where
i might do the things that must be done now… Now.
It’s the Nowness of the moment that is flashing in my sight.
The realization of choice, of magnetic attraction, of
the coming of what is to Be….. Now.

… back to the beginning …

When i started this blog, it was years ago and miles from
where i am now.  So many years, so many chapters of a
life that insists on taking the curves in the road, and being
sure to check out where those forks might lead, before
setting out again with my good hiking shoes on.

It began when dating sites yielded some provocative mind
stirrings, and i discovered there were only so many reasons
why anyone was there… including me.  Loneliness, horniness,
ego reflection, fantasy, and lots of chamophlage.  Meeting
someone who presents himself as tall dark and athletic, and
ending up on a date with a medium and balding guy with
a belly, did indeed get me thinking.
I’m not particularly cynical but after a few months i realized
that i really didn’t Want someone badly enough to go
through all the emails, all the flirts and pokes and winks,
all the coy replies and strange deserts of pauses…only to
confront the struggle of digging out who this person
Really was.
But….. good fodder for a writer!  You can read about it
by choosing ‘internet dating’ on this site…
And thus  ……..Notes from the Love Wars…….began.

Stirring up the juices percolating inside is a necessary part
of really writing, really touching on things universal, really
sharing of one’s soul thoughts.  It came in stages, but
little by little, i was coaxing out my own love wars, my own
personal battle out there in the world of the heart.
There are stories within stories, and for a while i got lost
in an Excellent one, a Super Duper Love story that goes
on to this day, and from Thirty years ago!
But it has grown into a King Kong, a Godzilla,
a Giant Blob of a story, so now it’s a book in the making,
with new chapters every week.
And it’s Good…..yer gonna Love it.
But right now, here and Now… it’s all about me… yup…me.

Now i think about where i went, and where i want to go
from here.  I want this to be about my journey Now….
and so comes the commitment once again… to Write.

… hello and goodbye …

Hello to my loyals, and my occasional stoppers by…

Just a note to tell you there will be no new writings for a while,
on my ongoing story that will become a book….
This is due to several things, one of which is having just moved….
……the others having to do with things that cannot be shared
right now, due to the same reasons i cannot write about them…

Use your imagination, my more in the know friends…
It will all be told, one way or t’other, just not now.
The book continues …on the new year

Delicacies must be honored, boats cannot be rocked, and
Goodness Knows, we dare not offend anyone in particular just now ….
Timing, as they say, is Everything.

I will still be posting Movie Madness, and other interesting posts
as the mood strikes me……  hello…goodbye…hello!!

Ciao………….  for Now……….. and yes, that IS a poem.

… home …

A Home by any other name would smell as sweet…

What is Home?  a Place…. a Person… a Memory?
To each is the answer, their own answer, an ever changing
or Never changing  entity to pin your heart on.

I have found a Home… it perhaps is not a forever thing,
and then again, we never know, do we….
I do have other Homes in my heart, and now,
One special person
lives there forever …
He has become a home for me to go to.
So….One lives inside me, and for now, the other One,
the  One that I shall live IN…  has arrived.

The European/Mediterranean style white wash, with arches
and red terra tiles stands secluded on a wooded hillside, with
decks and walks, entry elegance and winding staircase.
Space……….. windows……. and quiet freedom.

Nestled above the fogline, the summers will bring a welcome
warm, and windows filled with ocean and sky.
Places to work, and lots of time alone.  Alone!
The gentleman owner lives there sporatically, most of the
time traveling and working.  When he’s there, I have a large
private room and work spaces to myself.

Yes…….. after long looks, months of askings and
nights filled with worry and wonderings.
I move next weekend.
I am sooooooooooooo happy.

Thank you All for your help and so many good wishes.
I would imagine that pictures are to follow!


… it’s Time …

The time has come for picking up where we left off….

There was a Saga going on… a Love Story, a History Lesson,
a time wharp Reality that is lived…….. and shared.

There is also watchers and disbelievers and scoffers, who
diminish and degrade the Grandure of what IS…
… and i am not fond of stalkers either………..

This is an announcement of intention… and a Pronouncement
of a Beginning of a Continuum of something that began eons
before, and will continue for Uncountable eons to come.

There will be No Fear… No thought of repercussions or fitts of
rage … no reactive realities….. i will continue my Art

Thank you all……………