Movie Madness #80 … GRAVITY

I seldom write reviews of films I don’t love, but here I will make
an exception.

I not only did not Love this film…. I strongly Disliked it, and
might I suggest a new Title, perhaps ANXIETY in SPACE…?

If you want to stay nauseous and confused for an hour and a half,
sitting on the edge of your sweaty mattress and wondering if it’s
ever going to change, or go Anywhere, well this film is for you.

It Never Changes!  Sandra is basically Alone for very nearly the
entire film, goes from one crisis to the next, with never a moment 
for reflection, peace, or even conversation.

Spinning in space, flying disoriented in space, panicking in space, crashing into things and bouncing off in space, freaking out in space, thinking she’s going to Die in space, thinking she’d rather be Dead
in space, calling out for Anyone in space, fighting Fires in space, wondering why the Hell she was…in space.   
You get the idea.

I stayed through the whole bloody thing, thinking it would go
somewhere, change, resolve, do something different, but all
to no avail. 
I have never held the fantasy of being an astronaut, but this one
leaves no doubt.
I was exhausted in space.

I love Sandra, but….Don’t even bother….


MOVIE MADNESS #79 … The Place Beyond the Pines

ryan gosling

HEY, saw a really good one last night…
The Place Beyond the Pines…

Ryan Gosling is his dynamic self, so very much the new Steve McQueen, with his Daredevil motorcycle physicality, and that ice
blue Cool thing he’s got.  He’s great at playing dangerous volcanic types, living double lives and wrought with inner conflict.
If you liked  DRIVE,  you’ll love this one.

He’s only in the first half or less… and I was sad when I realized…
I am a big fan, and have made a point to see all of his films.
But then Bradley Cooper takes center stage, and the film continues
so smoothly, I found myself engrossed and didn’t mind….
Gosling’s presence lingers, with such a strong and intense impression left from his time on camera.

Dealing with the inevitable connections between fathers and sons,
in this film the generational aspects come to play in surprising ways,
and original twists.

Very well written, with some amazing young actors, (Emory Cohen, who was so very Brando, was my favorite;  and Dane Dehaan is so very Benicio del Toro dark), and I hope to see more of them…

It is one of those films that holds you til the end.
Excellent direction, writing and editing, with flowing and concise timing, and not one weak link.


Movie Madness # 78 … Soldier’s Girl

OK… I love film.  That likely doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you who are familiar with me, or my blog.  LOVE.
Once in a while a film comes along that I can say without hesitation…. Don’t Miss This ONE!
SOLDIER’S GIRL came as a complete and astonishing surprise to me.  I had caught a fellow in a film I enjoyed, and decided to see more of him.  Researching, I discovered his heritage, being the child of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden, back in her activist days.
She may regret that phase, as she has the ones that came before, (like Barbarella, which she Hates, and which I LOVE), but I bet she doesn’t regret what ushered forth from that union.

Troy Garity is tops on my list right now as not only a Hottie,
not only an incredible and versatile talent, but obviously intelligent and going places.

SOLDIER’S GIRL is impressive right from the start.  It’s theme revolves around the contrast between a soldier’s life in Basic, and the girl he falls in love with,  a gorgeous transsexual with such seductive senses as to bring this boy to his own undoing.

She is brilliantly played with breathtaking dancing and charm,
as well as a ton of worldly wisdom.  He is an open book, and falls completely in love, with little thought or experience of what this really means.
Tasteful, without leaving out anything, tender and provocative without any touch of sensational, this leaps into your heart,
carries you along with them, and then down the inevitable path
that society presents.
This is a true story, a Love story, one of recent history, and if you see the Netflix version you can also enjoy commentaries and background that lend
even more depth to the film.

This is a dangerous subject that, with lesser Director or Stars,
could end up questionable, or worse…. tacky.  But only truth
stares you in the face, as you are swept along on this journey.

This is one of those Perfect Films.  Don’t miss it!