… movie madness # 483

movie madness  #483…
“Sensation of Sight” with David Strathairn.
Perhaps you remember David from his portrayal of Edward R Murrow
in Goodnight and Good Luck, in which he was sensational. This Indy
actor delivers such subtle clues as to his characters, and he triumphs
in this hauntingly touching film.
Achingly slow, deeply nuanced, and artfully minimalistic, characters
and moments are carefully shared, like puzzle pieces, until at last they begin to fall into place, interwoven in life’s dance.
The slow, often still camera work adds to the depth and pace of the story,
each a seeming painting of light and line.

This is one of those ‘must watch again’ films, a visual feast of faces and
places, a heartful and tender film filled with honesty, and inspiration..

… movie madness 222 …

Ever feel like good films come in bunches? Like you just struck
some golden vein in the ethers… Last night was one of those.
First of all, I watched 30 minutes of The Lost World (Jurassic),
and could watch no more. Stupid, boring, no point, made me Mad.
Sorry Jeff and sorry Julianne. Awful.
Next was a sleeper… “A Home at the End of the World”.
It’s a 70s-80s look at freer times, when folks were more open,
less judgemental, and somehow the world was more grok-able.
It’s a 2004 release I never heard of, but well worth checking out…
Stellar cast of Robin Wright (Penn then) and Colin Farrell. They
are both quite young seeming, and along with their 3rd wheel
friend Dallas Roberts, and Sissy Spacek (playing herself as always),
it’s a delightful ensemble.
You’ll enjoy remembering sweeter times, yet this is never sappy….
it’s savvy and character driven. Quirky, risky, Sexy, and unique.
Very Indie.

NEXT!! Do you like Russell Crowe? Sometimes, right? Well This
one is one of his best, largely because the story is Excellent. It twists
and turns, keeping you wondering right to the end. Not particularly violent, yet the intensity and plot meanderings are craftsfully
Edited, and your brain gets a good workout all the way through.
His wife is convicted of murder, and he brilliantly does what he
must…. “The Next Three Days” when you’re in the mood for smart excitement. They call it a Pulse pounding, white knuckle Thriller, a
bit dramatic (ya think?) but stars Elizabeth Banks and Olivia Wilde
provide the necessary beauty and balance.

… sheee’s baaaack …

Hi all… surprised to see me?  and after all these days, months,
years?   well…….. just couldn’t stay away forever, could I.

There’s been so many changes, so much goings and comings,
and once again that Brasilian is in my life… and for good this time.

Want to hear more?  Stay tuned.  I have so much to tell you,
and we are starting a New Blog!  with video conversations and
a thousand insights ….

mendo coastStay close, stay tuned, stay Happy!