…just a note…

Hello dear Readers, and I am happy to see that many of
you are enjoying my writings …Brasil, a Love Story,
which at some point will be rewritten to Book form.

Meanwhile, I have now listed All posts relating to this
story under both Brasil and Brazil…

You may find the entire story as it first began on my blog,
by going to Categories, and clicking on Either spelling.
At that point you can go back to my very first posts that
referred to Brasil/Brazil, and catch up on how it all began.

Thanks so much for all your support, and please remember
to click on to the Site itself, so that I can enjoy the numbers
as they rise!   Comment or Like as you feel so inclined,
and know that I really appreciate these too.

If you just read it from your email or from Facebook, not
only will I not Know, you will not see the Far Superior
layout as it has been designed on WordPress.

Tchau, Aloha and Happy Trails……..



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