…get thee to an island…

Journal May 17, 2005

“The day has actually arrived!  I am free of obligations, and
can now move freely into a new phase of my life…
May it bring abundance, love and light.”

It’s a tuesday afternoon when the plane touches down,
past the green jungles, into the vast dry expanses of
the Big Island, Kona side.
Her old friend from her far past years in the woods of
Oregon picks her up, and they are off to Sam Cho’s
for lunch, and a beer sampler.

Her friend has lots of biz stops, and at last they arrive at the
cool, open spacious home, where she is shown to the guest
bedroom and bath.  It’s a sweet little wood walled space, all
creamy colors and island cozy.

Years ago, her friend and her husband moved to what used to
be her parent’s home, and he has added additions and improved
the space.  Everything’s clean and orderly, beautiful in that
casual yet elegant island style, and it’s two or three houses
from the beach.

Immediately, there feels a certain weight begin to dissolve
from the back of her neck and shoulders, and it starts to
sink in that she’s really passed the threshold into a new world,
one free from the past, and perhaps one with less anxiety.

She tries the phones, and using her phone card as she always
does, she dials his number.  There is no ring… and she dials
again.  After several attempts, it’s clear there’s a problem on
that end…which isn’t unusual… so she lets go
and begins to unpack.

The cool white sheets sing songs of dream worlds, and she
falls into them like rain through clouds.
Next thing she knows, she awakens to the sounds of early
morning birds, and the clock says she’s passed fourteen hours
in the arms of eternity.

Island sun, birdsong, and the
white sounds of sea and sand….





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