… impromtu …

I would like to write this little Impromtu Invitation

to those who drop by often, and leave nothing to show…

We have large contingencies in both Norway and Hong Kong.

I know about Norway… their agendas and fascinations,

their curiosities and also the encouragement that

may come to some….

I might even say… to the blonde Norwegians…

…and forgive me for the redundancy…

but …don’t start a war of words if you come unarmed.


Beyond that light and amusing comment, may I say

I would Love to hear from you all, each and every …

Writing is a lonely vocation, and any encouragement

is highly valued and always welcome.

Thanks…. and Peace to all………….





3 thoughts on “… impromtu …

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    Peace yo. And a funny cool piece. You ain’t that alone. But ahem, Canadians are much sweeter than Norwegians.

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