good morning, good afternoon and good evening

Well old friend, it’s been a long time since we last visited.

I have stayed away on purpose.  One can only do so many
things at a time well, and my focus has been with things
new and quite different from reminiscences of old loves.

Still, I have made a vow to myself, and I am not one to take
that sort of thing lightly.  I promised I would write a book to
share an experience in my life, one that drifted with me for
a long long time, and then flared like flash fire….and then
evaporated like the ethereal thing it became.

Oh it was real.  No doubt about that.  But it was not something
to last in the planes that we here call real, the here and now.
Worth telling….. worth sharing….. worth finishing.

I’ll be back……………