… movie madness … again

oh, there are so many great films, and I am not easily pleased!

Watched two films last nite, both excellent.
Both with one of our more Promising Female Actors,
and both with excellent writing and editing.
SLIDING DOORS…  Gwyneth Paltrow, young and so promising.
Have you ever wondered how different your life would be, if you
just didn’t miss that train or that cab…. or if you took the train?
Alternate realities, side by side, at first disconcerting, and later
a smooth weave that intertwines and converges into sensibility.
A lovely film, with compelling dialogue, well written and witty in
that way that Brits have with wordplay.  The fellow played by
John Hannah is truly beyond witty, and with a Scottish accent that
adds so much charm to his sincerity, one can’t help but hope for
him to somehow reach the finish line.  Gwyneth is as always…
intelligent, winsome, sincere, candid and playfully herself.
BEST LAID PLANS…. completely and unexpectedly, this Most
original story line,  with twists and turns, holds you to the end.
Reese Witherspoon is her amazing self, and so early in her
 Well written and well played,
you will be drawn in and unable to leave until you
know what is the truth.
So tonite I am watching the last BB, getting ready for the release
of the last season, late November…
Weeds is coming, and there are other delights on the horizon.
be well, warm and happy………………..C

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