Movie Madness #80 … GRAVITY

I seldom write reviews of films I don’t love, but here I will make
an exception.

I not only did not Love this film…. I strongly Disliked it, and
might I suggest a new Title, perhaps ANXIETY in SPACE…?

If you want to stay nauseous and confused for an hour and a half,
sitting on the edge of your sweaty mattress and wondering if it’s
ever going to change, or go Anywhere, well this film is for you.

It Never Changes!  Sandra is basically Alone for very nearly the
entire film, goes from one crisis to the next, with never a moment 
for reflection, peace, or even conversation.

Spinning in space, flying disoriented in space, panicking in space, crashing into things and bouncing off in space, freaking out in space, thinking she’s going to Die in space, thinking she’d rather be Dead
in space, calling out for Anyone in space, fighting Fires in space, wondering why the Hell she was…in space.   
You get the idea.

I stayed through the whole bloody thing, thinking it would go
somewhere, change, resolve, do something different, but all
to no avail. 
I have never held the fantasy of being an astronaut, but this one
leaves no doubt.
I was exhausted in space.

I love Sandra, but….Don’t even bother….


6 thoughts on “Movie Madness #80 … GRAVITY

  1. Kathleen says:

    I instinctively did not feel drawn to this movie; thanks for telling me why.

  2. Grace says:

    Your response to this movie makes me feel anxious! Well said and NO I don’t think I want to watch this thing!

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