… movie madness 777 …

“The Life Before Her Eyes”  … what a puzzlement.
And Who doesn’t like a well crafted puzzle?

Starring Evan Rachael Wood and Uma Thurman, this film
had me spaced and yes, puzzled for a time.  Evan, who is
curiously mesmerizing in her own right, pairs with Eva Amurri
(Sarandan’s eyes) as her High School bestie, as they endure
and process a mass High School shooting.   Yet!  ….
This is Not what this film is truly about.
It takes you on a psychological journey through time and
space within the reality of a woman… past, present and future.
And it’s up to You to decide what is which, and who is who.
No cuteness or trickery here…. Largely Dreamlike, visually with
carefully crafted lighting and expert editing…. it’s one of those
…had to watch it twice… realities…..And yes, I finally Got it.

P..S.. (and notice it’s a Capital P.S.)….  UMA delivers The BEST
Performance of her career, for Me at least.  I admit having
limited her scope of acting by my judgement of same, and
This Film allows her to show her Depths, her Potential,
if given the right script and Director.

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