… surrender … breathe … now …

on the new year
“You have moved through one layer only to discover another has appeared. A door to the other world has opened. Another year awaits you, yet there is a sense that something unprecedented is longing to break through the dream of partiality.

You have broken apart, come back together, only to break apart yet again. There are times when you are so open, and others when it feels like everything is caving in upon you. Whether clarity or confusion spins out of the stars and descends upon you, the path is everywhere. For every form is a wisdom guide arising out of the unseen as a harbinger of integration.

The veil is parting, yet what is coming next has not yet been given. You can rest now, for today may not be the day for answers… but to let your heart break open to the vastness of the question.

You can slow down. Nothing is urgent. Nothing need be fixed, changed, healed, transformed, or resolved, for right now. Breathe. Mingle your essence with the blue in the sky. Drop into the muddy earth and receive the holding of the embodied world. All the support and guidance you will ever need… is here now and is forming around you.

Dare to see that grace is right here, not as a destination that you will reach one day by means of a weary journey – not when you get ‘enlightened,’ ‘heal your past,’ ‘meet your soul mate,’ or ‘raise your vibration’ – but as a lover for you to dance, play, and explore with, in the unfolding, eternal now. Look carefully, for the path is erupting in the aliveness of immediacy as the golden portal into intimacy with all things.

On this new year’s day, surrender the dream of unworthiness and behold the grace that is always, already here, raging equally in the struggle and in the joy – in the despair and in the bliss. See that it is shining through the mess and shape-shifting from one form to another, in order to reveal just how whole you truly are.

And within the temple that is your very own body, receive the invitation to fully participate, to give everything to the opportunity that awaits you here, in a shimmering, rare, and very alive star of love.”

…………..Matt Licata

Photo credit: “Collecting the Stars” by Kevin Carden



One thought on “… surrender … breathe … now …

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