… ah, where to go …

So!  where would you like me to go from here,
dear Readers?

Shall I return to 2006 Rio, and ever so softly and
gently begin to describe the ups and downs of
that six month visit?  For that is where i left off
quite some time ago.  I suppose it must be dealt
with, yet it really sounds like work to me.

Or perhaps moving forward would be appropriate,
beginning to share some of the delightful stuff
that has surfaced during this year of Contact…

I do have one tasty morsel for you… one that I find
terribly touching, and more than enormously
rewarding…. shall i start there?

As we began our Skype sharing, and after that first
bizarre encounter, when we just sat and stared at
eachother ….  so Other it was…
…and after a myriad of catching ups and apologies,
he was kind enough to tell me about himself and
his vast changes.
I know that men also go through deep changes as
they age, that testosterone backs off and more
tender places emerge.  And I could detect a much
more than subtle nuance within this man.

But it seems that during these years apart, he had
been reading what i was writing, with all it’s blatant
honesty, the positives and the negatives about this
convoluted man….absorbing the life from another
perspective, and he told me ……..
….”You have made me a better man.”
He had begun to understand so much as he followed
the descriptions of my sadness and his cruelty, as
well as my clear understanding of Who he Really was.
He realized I Saw him, all of him.
He waited, he said, until the anger subsided…. until
he felt he could approach me again.

” I just want Peace now,”  he said.
” I don’t want Violence any more.  I’m Done with
Violence……….I just want Peace in my life”

I have let that sit within my soul for a while now.
Makes me feel such goodness about writing!