… today …



Do not

Want to step so quickly

Over a beautiful line on God’s palm

As I move through the earth’s



I do not want to touch any object in this world

Without my eyes testifying to the truth

That Everything is

My Beloved.

Something has happened

To my understanding of existence

That now makes my heart always full of wonder

And kindness.

I do not

Want to step so quickly

Over this sacred place on God’s body

That is right beneath your own foot.

As I

dance with

precious life



Persian Poet and Mystic




…i decided…

I woke up this morning, and I decided to be happy.

I decided to stop wasting my days with Waiting til things
were the way I wanted.

I decided to sing more and cry less.

I decided to say Thank You more often than I cursed the sky
for not being the Color I wanted.

I decided to smile and enjoy each Mundane Task as a
Privilege……….and to remember how many people
can’t even walk to

Chop Wood and Carry Water…

The blessings of life are just that…

It’s the small moments, when

the beetle lands on your hand, or

the jays decide to nest nearby.

All is Sacred………………I am Sacred.


… september sigh …

I fullwell know

That snow will blow

But now the sun does smile

So leaves please stay

And with me play

Til cold comes after while


The winter winds

My warmness finds

And turns it into chills

And what was once

My joyful bounce

Is once again my ills


The greatest fun

Of winter’s sun

Is simply that I know

As soon it’s done

My battle’s won

Kind sun melts all that snow


And flowers dance

The birds entrance

Their songs uplift my heart

And this here girl

Can dance and twirl

Another year will start.



… squirrel away …

The squirrel squirrels away,

The flea flees….

And so it is that the

all is nothing, and

nothing really matters.

Be like that squirrel,

and save nuts forever,

forgetting where they are.

For forgetting is eternity,

wrapped in a jar,

waiting to be

eaten with gusto.