… bless these times …

Just as loss helps us appreciate what is now…
Just as pain helps us relish the good times…
Just as rain reminds us to feel the joyous sunlight…

So tragedy stops us in our tracks…. just long enough
to Think about what we want for the future and
give Thanks for the good fortune that we know.

Use this time, this cluster of moments, these out
of Time places that we find ourselves in, to
gain the Perspective that they lend… away from
the safe complacency that our day to day allows.


Bless these times, give Thanks for these times…

Use them to grow stronger and Create what we
want in the now, in the future, in this
world we call life.

Give thanks and realize that
we are not victims….
we are witnesses to all that
we came here to change.
Yes, we are the Ones….