Loving Indy films, I figured I’d once again trust the ole intuition,
and give this one a try.  NEBRASKA…….Highly Recommended!

Bruce Dern plays an older, slightly demented fellow who believes
it when he gets the subscription teaser that tells him he’s won
a million.  He’s so obsessed, he just starts walking to the big
city to cash in.  His son keeps picking him up, til finally he figures
he’ll just take him there, and settle the whole thing, which has by
this time, become a gigantic family issue.

The Mom is on the war path, the rest of the family is somewhat
strange in their own special ways, and in all it’s a slow ride into
middle American, and human idiosyncrasies.

Fun, funny, tender, and quite real, I enjoyed it immensely, and
came away with new admiration for Dern, and the director
Alexander Payne.  Seems this film got lots of awards, including
Best Actor for Bruce at Cannes.  If you enjoy Indies, don’t miss it.

… movie madness 2013

Well, so much for good intentions, my friends, for still and again
my life seems too busy to rise early and write, which is my way…
It’s my birthday week, so there has been a certain abandonment
going on regards to food and drink and hours kept.
Oh well…. it’s all a phase, right?
I have seen a few excellent films of late…
***Code 46…. with Tim Robbins (love) and Samantha Morton (love),
in a futuristic love story. Soft blurred lighting, closeup characters,
a few twists, but all in all quite remarkable.
***Ondine…. with Colin Ferrell… (yum) , romantic but not sappy,
beautifully filmed in Ireland.
And it’s not a spoiler to tell you it has a happy ending,
which is refreshing in a thoughtful film.
***Kiss Kiss Bang Bang… with Robert Downey Jr…( I love him,
but he bugs some people…incredible talent is like that…)
and Val Kilmer… It’s a smart, Snappy Dialogue sort of ride.
They quite obviously had a great time making this.
Stay for the credits, cause there is a really lovely song over the
Titles, and I was sitting there wondering…… and Yes!….
he Wrote it and is Singing it.
He is one amazing guy…. did you see Chaplin?
Oh, and i’m watching Mad Men’s latest season… I like the
characters, and the costumes and sets from that era.
Enjoy your week.  and yes, I’ll be back, if only to say Hello!