… the day plods on …

Gathering her skirts and notes and bags and bells,
the Radiant One steps into the waiting car,
and I back out the long leafy drive, and
onto the red clay road, leading to town.

I have already loaded the one bag for the dump.
I’d cleaned things up long ago, but she wants it all gone.

The long list appears, and the woman begins the rundown….
“Turn here” she says, while I remind her it’s OK, I’ve lived
here a while, and can likely find my way to town.

“First we need to get gas… oh There…that’s where we get it.
Oh wait, pull around and back up,  wait…. there’s another one
a little further on, and I think it’s cheaper…. there on the right,
pull in there.  ”
Smoke signals tiptoe out of one ear.
I of course pump the gas, and pay for it.   Bad back.

“Now  I need to stop at the Natch… wait….turn right here, and
then you can go to the dump down that road…. Wait!
Wait! …you need to turn right there, so we can go to the dump! ”

“We’ll go on the way back”  I announce, beginning to feel some
semblance of my old spunk returning.

“OH, but the Smell…. we need to go there First”  she whines,
not realizing that those hot pink ear muffs are now already in place,
and the road long gone.

It is becoming clear to me that at this moment,  My hands are
on the wheel, and if only for a short while, I am in control.
Kind of….

“So now we need park there….oh wait….no, I think there’s another
one closer…go around again, and yes, you can pull up right there…
right there in front!”

“But it says NO PARKING…”  I reply, calmly tapping my fingernails.

“Oh it’s OK, I’ll just be a minute, she smiles, and unloads her Self,
taking out her list as she arranges her layers.

I sit a while, then pull away,  somewhat embarrassed …I mean,
this is the Groovy Natural Food Store, everyone looking healthy
and tan, very healthy and very Green, and tan,  and
I’m parked in the NO PARKING ZONE?
I drive around a couple times…. the minutes go by.
It’s now been 15…..

I find another parking space, and slide in, figuring she’ll
eventually see me, which she does at last, after
another 15 minutes have passed….

“Why did you part here?” she querries.    I don’t answer.
I’ve now boldly moved to passive aggressive, an inner smile
softly warming my gallstones.

“Now we need to go to my appointment at the Welfare Office…
…..it’s at 2..
It’s on Aloha, near the park…. turn left here, and then….”
…and the instructions lead us to a modern low slung
office building, ample parking,  full slots.

I pull up the the curb near the door, the way she likes it…

“So, I’ll go do something for a while, and come back…
…how long do you think?” I smile…
Freedom!……. I think….

“OH! come back at 2:15!  my appointment will only take
15 minutes,”  she instructs me.
I return at 2:15, such a good girl I am.
Oh!  Surprise!  ……I wait..

Half an hour later, she ambles out, and slides into the back seat,
and without my help.  She smiles serenely, as though all is well,
and my taxi clock has just been dutifully running…

“Now we need to stop at that …….and then…….and then the… ”

Smoke signals, this time in deep Fuschia.

At last we/she is done, I think, and we head homeward, this time
taking that turn for the dump.
I throw the one small bag into the pile, breathing a sigh of relief,
thinking I’m nearly There, and
I went to the dump when I Wanted to!
Yes! I’ve passed through the fruit loops, with
the goddess nearly gone.

“Oh Wait!…. if you turn right at the next road, we can go by
that plant store, and I can find something I really need,
and the pet store is right next door…
Park there….no wait, there’s one over there….no wait….”

I purposefully park where I damn well feel like,
wild and crazy rebel that I am, and stare straight ahead.

I quietly hold my breath so that the
now very Chartreuse smoke signals sink down,
twining around my body, oozing out onto my sandals.

At last we are home, I step out into the banana palms and
flowering trees, never looking back, walking down
that red clay road,
deep breaths and sky smiles,
ignoring any possibility of the call to arms,
or legs
or brain
or any other part of me she might think she owns.






… the radiant one …

September, 2005

The near daily calls from the woman chip away at my patience.

She calls for the mail readings, she calls for any messages,
she calls to ask if I’m getting along ok with Paul, the owner…..

(Little does she know that Paul has great respect for me because
of all the work (paid) I do around the place, a bit of a contrast
from what he’s been used to….. )

She calls to ask if I’m walking the dog every day, and
to make sure I’m not driving the car too much….
She calls to ask if I can wash all her
windows and screens, and scrub the ceilings…
….no really.

Since I’ve been working for  Paul, she figures she’ll get some
stuff done.  I explain what my charges are, and she of course
wants to bargain.  I also mention that I don’t do ceilings….

There are calls from men, asking about massages, and when
she will return.
One asks if I would give massages, and if I do massages like
the Radiant One.
“”What kind is that?  I ask….
“Sensual Massage….” he answers.

Next time we talk, I mention the calls, and inquire about the
particulars, and after some specific prodding,
she basically tells me that sensual massage involves Release.

Oh Good Lord.  This woman is Nuts.  She actually explains about
the Mystical Healing energies involved, and how Release is
just part of a relaxing and Spiritual massage.

I explain that Happy Endings are not my thing, at least not
in a Professional Situation, and although I do enjoy giving
massages for good pay…
( as well as enjoying the employment of
Release in a Personal setting )…..
……I decide to do None of her clients,
for fear of getting into some
very sticky situations….


…kosmic kookies…

So it’s Monday, and I’m at the housesitting house.
Very nice, small, functional, typical simple island home,
surrounded by jungle and quiet,
with lots of windows.

The dog is a gentle sweet wolfie type that I adore,
the cat a siamese mix, very independant and also sweet.

The woman is…. hmmm.  I’m still assimilating…..
She dresses in exotic middle eastern belly dancing,
hippie goddess garb, wears lots of Patchouli, and has
crystals and magical objects on and around her, with
pictures of gurus and eastern deities on every shelf.

“Where is my favorite tape, Tantric Dreams?” she says to
herself, as she rummages through the bookshelves…

She sets me on some of her tasks that need to be finished
before she leaves.  She has a borrowed sewing machine that
won’t work right…. could i see if i can get it working?
There are a couple things that need mending… maybe
you can do those? she mentions…

I  help her get Propane and attach it, assist her with packing
away things while she’s gone, and we go over the list, which
includes calling the phone company to change the service,
going to the insurance office and get the new card for the car,
and taking her trash to the dump.

Then I need to  mow the lawn, which she hasn’t been able to
get to in a while…and which will have to be done every week.
Walk the dog daily, wash him weekly…
…..fortunately I don’t have to wash the cat…

“You haven’t seen my “Mind and Body Tonic” have you?”
she calls out from the bath…

She has a couple fellows over for some sort of a meeting
about this healing center that she’s very involved with, and
they seem nice, and together enough.
She’s definitely  seems to be some sort of Consultant or Expert
on matters of a Spiritual Learning Center, and these two guys
are the money and minds, the property already procured.

She tells me they are coming over tomorrow, after she leaves,
and will expect lunch, and so I am to make it for them…
an organic vegan thing…
and oh, she won’t have times to clean up the kitchen now,
and that juicer has been sitting a while, and needs to be
cleaned out really well, before I can make them their
organic juice drink.

She is working with all of her being to be part of this Healing
Center soon to be built.  Not just a part, but the Central Core,
with plans for them to build her her own house, and she will
conduct classes in a variety of cosmic subjects, earning
a nice income.

Her name is a combination of Three Adjectives, and I
wonder to myself….
I mean, I have friends who have been given a special name
by a guru, or a teacher, or some channeled session, but …
Have you ever seen those Angel Cards?  Where everyday
you meditate, and then choose one for the Word of today. …?

The words are always positive and inspiring, and I wonder….
…because it’s almost like she’d picked three of these cards,
to see what the Cosmos wanted her to be called.

Let’s just say it was something like
Joyous Glowing Rainbow Essence,
or something close to it.

The place is great.  The animals are great.  Later I meet the
landlord who lives next door, and he’s great.
He has lots of paying work for me if I’m interested, and he
has a business selling Solar Panels on line.  Nice.

All I have to do is take all her messages, and repeat them all
to her when she calls, as well as pick up her mail every day,
and read it to her when she calls again.
Hmmmm. …..this woman needs a servant… or two….

“Have you seen my Swami Beyondananda Book?”, she wonders
from the bedroom, as I am loading her suitcases into the car.
She has a bad back.

I drive her to the airport, carry her luggage to the check in,
and wait while she does all the stuff she needs to do, help
her with her carry-ons, and see her off.

I’m told I cannot drive the car very far,  that she just doesn’t
want to worry about something going wrong, but that’s ok…
NO problem… I really don’t want to do much driving at all.
Live in the jungle, do a little yard work for the landlord, who
Loves it that I like to do physical work… and he pays well.

After her needs are tended to, I then I go ‘home’, clean the
house, wash down the kitchen, spend a half an hour cleaning
the juicer, make lunch for those fellow friends of hers, who
were actually very interesting company…very bright and
…one I called (to myself) Josef the Real, the blonde Rasta
boy with kaleidoscope eyes…
…and S, the suave 40 yr old rich guy, a bit like Ben Afleck,
with a flash of Tom Cruise…
He’s the one who’s financing the deal.
Then I clean up from that, and finally relax.  Ahhhh…..
Alone at last.  Deep sigh…

Hmmmm…. maybe Three servant girls….

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Staying around, making jewelry, going to the beach, visiting
my friends J and E….. who are highly brilliant creative artists
in their own right….going to the magical blue ponds where the
algae makes the inner pools glow, and you dive under the rocks
to come up into this cavern of iridescence….
…earning money next door, and doing yard work in the middle
of this beautiful jungle….. taking miles of walks down wild roads,
…..it all is just Heaven before me.

Next Phase has Begun!  and we all know…it’s All a Phase!