…on writing…

When a writer writes, she writes.
She writes because she has no choice, unless
it is to go mad, or explode…. or implode.

All options not taken….
Art is Art, and when one chooses the path,
turning back only loops around to where
you started, like Pooh in the woods…
and the heffalumps stay ahead just far enough.

There are those who would question motivations,
and I commend them for their attempts at conversation.
But might I be so bold as to suggest that a better way
to encourage exchange of Real information might be
to open with civility, rather than insult.
As well, hiding in the shadows does not Respect engender.

My motivations are mine.
However, they have nothing to do with emptiness
of life, living in the past, or attempts at vengeance.
…each must search the heart for true motivation.

This story is just that… a story, and one worth telling.
It happens to be real, valid, and timeless….
…like oh so many books and movies through the years.

The story is not finished, so it might be best to wait
til the last word, to decide the whats and whys.
And even then, it will be Your truth, not the Artist’s.

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said something
about pleasing some all of the time and pleasing
all some of the time….. although I think he was
using the word fool…. but…

You get the point.  Whatever you do, if you are
true to your Truth, there will be those who project
their own dramas and self deceits upon your truth.

But let this not stop you.
Let this not prevent you from speaking Your truth,
for it is Always at Least as Valid as anyone else’s.

With the typical Irony of Life, that is just what this
story is all about…. a man who lives his Truth,
and against all odds, and at great cost.

Lastly, and most especially, let me share with you
my thoughts on sharing your thoughts.
Be Wise.
Do not speak on subjects, about which  you know
little or nothing, for you will gain no ground, and
in the end, only succeed in making yourself foolish.