Movie Madness # 78 … Soldier’s Girl

OK… I love film.  That likely doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you who are familiar with me, or my blog.  LOVE.
Once in a while a film comes along that I can say without hesitation…. Don’t Miss This ONE!
SOLDIER’S GIRL came as a complete and astonishing surprise to me.  I had caught a fellow in a film I enjoyed, and decided to see more of him.  Researching, I discovered his heritage, being the child of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden, back in her activist days.
She may regret that phase, as she has the ones that came before, (like Barbarella, which she Hates, and which I LOVE), but I bet she doesn’t regret what ushered forth from that union.

Troy Garity is tops on my list right now as not only a Hottie,
not only an incredible and versatile talent, but obviously intelligent and going places.

SOLDIER’S GIRL is impressive right from the start.  It’s theme revolves around the contrast between a soldier’s life in Basic, and the girl he falls in love with,  a gorgeous transsexual with such seductive senses as to bring this boy to his own undoing.

She is brilliantly played with breathtaking dancing and charm,
as well as a ton of worldly wisdom.  He is an open book, and falls completely in love, with little thought or experience of what this really means.
Tasteful, without leaving out anything, tender and provocative without any touch of sensational, this leaps into your heart,
carries you along with them, and then down the inevitable path
that society presents.
This is a true story, a Love story, one of recent history, and if you see the Netflix version you can also enjoy commentaries and background that lend
even more depth to the film.

This is a dangerous subject that, with lesser Director or Stars,
could end up questionable, or worse…. tacky.  But only truth
stares you in the face, as you are swept along on this journey.

This is one of those Perfect Films.  Don’t miss it!

Movie Madness # 77… BANDITS

What do escaped bank robbers, the son of Fonda, and a gorgeous
red head have in common?
Great writing and complete belly laughs humor.

Billy Bob Thornton and Bruce Willis break out of prison, begin
robbing banks, pick up Kate Blanchett wearing searing red hair,
and find Troy Garity for their get away driver (a special effects guy
and total babe), and they’re off!

Smart and funny, with completely unexpected humor, and a
soundtrack with the likes of Dylan, Knopfler and others of the
same ilk,  all personal, edgey and raw.

Kate is brilliant, sparkling with madness and some hilarious dancing.
Billy Bob plays a suggestible hypochondriac, Bruce a suave ladies’
man, and Troy…. oh that boy is so adorable, a combination of a young Dustin Hoffman and some hot lanky rodeo cowboy with California tendencies.
When he’s on camera, I just cant take my eyes and ears off of him.
His timing, his instincts… it’s genetic, man.

One of the best moments is when Billy Bob thinks he has a brain tumor,
and can’t find his legs… who knew?

When Kate sings “Walk on By” on the beach, auditioning for their
future  Mexican Hot Spot, to be opened with their new found money,
it is one of the more sensational spoofs ever.
Do you know how hard it is to sing badly???

Don’t miss this!!  You will laugh out loud, all by yourself.

… movie madness #211212 … “Bandits”…

Talk about surprises, this film took me by storm…
It was the early hours of the winter solstice, part
of the world was thinking maybe it was over, and
the larger part knew we had at least 4 billion years
left to figure it out, and I was waiting for the dawn
to allow the light to strike my retina and encode
myself to the new dawn of the new cycle.

“Bandits” is the tale of two escaped convicts turned
bank robbers, who wear amazing disguises like Return
of Neil Young Sideburns, and very creative wigs,
and pick up Cate Blanchett along the way.

She is a seductively amazing creature, with glowing
red hair and smokey luminous eyes, who creates
delightful chaos between Billy Bob Thornton and
Bruce Willis.
Action, physical comedy and priceless lines…
“She’s an iceberg waiting for the Titanic…” and
“I suffer from Fear of growing Smaller” and
“I read about how they use electric shock to prove
that cockroaches have feelings” roll on through the
film, yet all is smooth as a lavendar smoothie.

Billy Bob has the best lines and impeccable timing,
with a pace that is never hurried or contrived.
He’s at his best, with a Perfect part for him..

Filmed along Hwy 1 in California and Oregon, I felt
quite at home, with romantic gettaways and coastal
vistas, and the music was a collection that actually
tempted me to buy the soundtrack.
Dylan, Bono, and Mark Knopfler add to the smoothie feel,
while warming every corner of this artfully lighted film.

This is a Must See, with a huge surprise played by
Troy Garity, who steals nearly every scene he’s in…
It was like watching early Jack Nicholson, your eye
unable to turn away from his slow and kinky play
with the character… he’s part of the Fonda dynasty,
and I can’t wait to see what he does next.
Don’t Miss it!!!  I can’t believe it’s fully 11 years old.