For some reason right now, this memory has been floating
up the last couple days… It’s dreamy and sunny warmness,
with jolly Brasilians at a party somewhere…

I jump ahead in time, because… I Can… and this memory is
from the second time I visited Alcir and Rio… in 2006.

Likely one reason I am remembering this time, is because
it was one of our good periods, of which there were many;
unfortunately there were a few down times too.

It was February, Carnaval time, such an incredible month in
so many ways.   He was born during Carnaval, so he’s like a kid,
telling me just What he wants to do and get for his Day, which
just happens to be Valentines Day in the US

So Alcir takes me to a party in this most festive of times…..
Well….. except for the Futebol playoffs (soccer), for
Those Are The Biggest Number One Deal in Brasil!!
Brasil has won more World Cups than Any other country.

A friend of his… Mario….I think he was in the classes for his
Captain’s License… was having a house warming for their new
home addition, and so we are off.
And I am very excited to meet some of his friends!

It’s a lovely district, a somewhat new area with streets and homes
more like the US residentials, and we are shown through rooms,
and several floors going upstairs, by him and his lovely woman.

They seem excited to have an American at their party!
It’s so strange to feel exotic in such an exotic land!
But blue eyes are stared at in Brasil.

We arrive at the top floor, which is a rooftop, open to the sky,
with views up and down the street, and a barbeque going.
The party is warmed up, everyone’s drinking icy beers and
munching things from the long table of snacks, chattering away.

And there, at one side… is a large inflatable pool, with a half dozen
children, all happily soaked, bouncing and squealing wildly.

After intros and mostly listening to the beautiful language,
I grow weary of brain stretching, and decide to accept the
invite into the pool.
At first the kids are a tiny bit shy… Brasilians are Not a shy people!..
they eye me with wide smiles, and I begin to splash them… just a
little.  Squeals, giggles, huddlings… and I know they Love it.

It wasn’t long before I started going under the water, and coming
after one or another.  Oh goodness, did they love That!
I was laughing so hard, they were wild and screaming with
abandon, it was glorious fun.

Then they began calling me something…. at first I was puzzled..

I’d been doing the familiar…
“duh duh……..duh duh………Duh Duh…..
Duh! Duh!….Duh! Duh! ….DUH! DUH! DUH! DUH!”….
….the theme from the movie that I guess Everyone knows…
just before I would dip below the water and
come in their direction…

“Tia Tubarao!  Tia Tubarao!!!”  they kept squealing and giggling,
leaping and splashing from one end to the other…

And then Alcir came over….
“They’re calling you Auntie Shark!.  Auntie Shark!” he laughed.

With both enjoyment and surprise in his voice…he exclaimed
“They LIKE you!!

Uh…. ya think??!  Yah!

And so did his friends.  Mario and his lady had children, and had
been together many years, and were now planning a wedding…
They were so adorable, she showing off her ring, and then Mario
got all quietly excited, and in a very conspiratorial manor,
accompanied by a half whispered aside and a couple elbows
in the ribs, (huh? huh?) made this very sweet suggestion:

So…why didn’t WE get married at the same time!
A Double Wedding!  How cute is that.
We just looked at eachother and smiled.
After all, it was Carnaval!