Life is strange.  It usually is at some point or another, but I’ll tell ya, right now in these strange days, times are indeed Very Strange.

I am what’s considered a senior.  I myself do not consider me as such, but in the world at large, that’s the category they choose to put me in….  as well as female, mother, grandmother, hot, sexy, young, creative, and crazy as they come….  When I choose to be.    I can also behave when necessary.

Right now I’m single.  Have been for a while, but it feels like I’m more single now than before when I was single.  Is it me?  or is it the Times.  I have decided to keep a sort of journal, remembering always to also keep my sense of humor in the process, because if that gets lost, I’m a goner.       

This will be a journal of Love and attempts at Love in the right now crazy days of the Twenty First Century.   And may I say God Bless Us, Every One. 

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