movie madness…….never let me go…

Every once in a while a film comes along that knocks me off my feet, and leaves me adrift for a time…..    This film was that exactly.                               ‘Never Let Me Go’ is a Sci Fi, yet done in a very Non Sci Fi way, and it deals with the ethics of futuristic progress…  Very different, yet dealing with the same issues, it brought to mind Philip Dick’s  ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’,  made into the film, Blade Runner.                                                                     The Author Kazuo Ishiguro has painted a similar world, where humans are treated as things, to better the life of the privileged.   The ethics of manipulation, the theme of us and them, and the reflections of those caught in the processes are all dealt with, within this eerily pasturial setting.

And like the ‘Replicants’ in Blade Runner, created artificially, who were treated as things, yet still very human, these characters wrestle with their place, their designated destiny, and deal very directly with Emotions and Love.                   In the end, they question if any of us is really different at all.

Magnificent Film, with remarkable casting, themes imparted with such gentleness and ease, and a beautiful background in the old English Countryside.



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