…both sides now

So I’ve been wondering what it’s like on the other side.  Are the guys having similar experiences as we women are?  Do the girls fall into types, and if so, what Are those types?  Do women disappear on them without a trace, note or email?  Do they lie about their hair, or send 10, 20 year old pictures?                                                                                                                                                                  Human nature being what it is, I suspect it is similar on the other side, but my curiosity is such that I am actually tempted to use some friend’s picture, and pose as a burly fellow, just so I can peruse the stack of women offering themselves to the love gods…

Things have been moving right along with the search, and I have actually found a couple three guys who I can actually Talk with.  Surprised?                   Why hasn’t she shared this with us, the clamoring crowd calls out.  Well,         all in good time my dears.  Remember, we are going sort of chronologically, and I’m not done with my stupid little stories that have stacked up on my brain particles.  I do upon occasion, jump out of context, and you’ll just have to get used to it.  And another thing:  I’m in charge, so don’t get all steamed up here….. we’ll get there when I’m ready.   At least there’s one place in my life where I can say that.

So these guys who somehow know how to talk…. These fellows who are able to put more than three words together, and who have a sense of humor about the whole thing………at least one is willing to chat endlessly on the phone, and He is willing to share stories.  The other two, well they aren’t doing the phone thing yet, and one has only been on the site for three weeks.  But he’s super chatty sharing, (and he can’t believe I’m my age, thinks I’m gorgeous, and ‘would date me in a New York minute’, yes that’s a quote…..  I liked him Immediately. Oh, and he lives 2000 miles away, so it’s Very Safe..) ….but eventually we may hit pay dirt.  He’s also younger and super cute, so I suspect the women will be off the chart hitting on him.

The third one I’m meeting soon, for the third time (no, it’s not serious, but a nice trustworthy friend), and I plan to pick his brain cavities as much as he’ll let me.  He’s very sweet, and has no fear of being candid, so…… we’ll see what he’s willing to part with.

So now I begin my quest to find out some of their experiences.  Don’t you think that will be fun?  …eavesdropping on the girlfriends, and find out their methods and escapes.  Oh ya…. One thing I’m wondering is if the women are aggressive.  I know they Can be…I know they Can be competitive and a bit Gamey…I’m just curious on how they do their deeds.                                     Since eyelash batting and hair tossing isn’t really in context on the ethers, just What do they do to gain attention, stand out from the crowd, and ‘set the hook’ as a rather mercenary friend of mine once chirped.  See what I mean?  They even use guy terminologies…….

Once, coming upon another friend all decked out and swingin it on the dance floor, she flat out stated…” I’m trolling…”.

So there ya go.  It’s off to take notes with the boys,  and since these three are such different types … I mean Really different….. I’m thinking this could be very interesting….

As a couple of very famous fellows once said…. “I’ll be back…”



One thought on “…both sides now

  1. Sylvia McRae says:

    Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes you.

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