…the tree of life…

I watched a film last night that is truly one of the more original pieces of work that I have ever seen.   I rented it because it’s the newest Brad Pitt film, and also stars Sean Penn.  Uh… sorta figured it might be good, ya think?

“The Tree of Life”  is nothing short of an Art Film of magnitudinous worth.  Is that a word?  Well it is now.  The screen fills your eyes with ongoing images that are like dreams, memory flashes, thoughts made light in another dimension.   It piles on images, moments of life, collaging feelings and moving snapshots to layer a story.

And it tells a story, but in a way that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, for it is not chronological, nor is it based on words.  Just Light in Patterns that speak to your mind, imparting emotions, fitting into pieces that eventually create understanding.

Bradd Pitt is one of those actors who just keeps on growing in his choice of parts, and his immersion in them.  In this film, he is touching, graceful, tender, and a complete jerk, rolled into one man who you begin to understand and even forgive.  He is wrenching with the depths he reaches.

Apparently Terrance Malick only made a few movies since the sixties, but this has to be his Masterpiece.  The scope and sweep of it, the unique methods that convey his vision, to my mind are unmatched.

Have I peaked your senses yet? Read about it.  Go see it.  Rent it.  Watch it twice.  Watch it in parts and pieces.  You will not be disappointed.