…chili makes me hot….

Oh, i love cooking.  Tonite it’s chili, with three beans and tomatoes from the garden.  Get them warming up, add some onions and garlic that have done a little saute-ing to get them ready for the mix.  Now comes 2 kinds of chiles, one low tone, one high tone… get the whole chorus goin.   And did i mention curry, cumin, and More garlic?  Shreds of fresh ginger…. mmmmm….

Right now that’s where it stands, with chunks of mushrooms slowly readying themselves for the big dip into meld-land.  MMMMmmm… and i add a little butter to the olive oil, to ease their transition into agreement with the rest.   They are ever so much happier with butter to make them feel ok about themselves…. oh aren’t we all…!!!

So, while they make yummy noises, and fill the air with expectations, I sit drinking a glass, or two, of this insane wine that does the trick….  GNARLY HEAD Old Vine Zin…. 2009….14.9%…. oh ya…. Highly recommended.

It has been known to inspire cooks and writers….

So… where did i leave off?  The three most hopeful hopefuls, Two with major Jitters in their pants.  They got scared.  So why is this?  I have some theories, but let me start by suggesting that…. they had more Options.

This is something that my oldest daughter and I have been chatting about for a while.  Because i am now an ‘older woman’, with a proclivity for younger men ……………..

Oh, let me take a moment out here to mention that those mushroom chunks just slid effortlessly, and without complaints  i might add,  into the ever growing pot.  Now it simmers quietly……and i pour another glass…..

So now we enter in … to the deeper depths … of Cultural Reality.  Girlfriends, please listen to me, because it doesn’t matter how fabulously exceptional you are, how well endowed you are, or how well you’ve taken care of yourself, and how many times people tell you …. “Oh my god, you can’t be bladeblah..!!”  (meaning age).  The fact is, Still to This Moment, we are fighting a loosing battle with a Cultural Cliche.   The Guy is Always supposed to be Older than the Girl.  Can you believe it?… after all this time and work, still we are squirming and stuggling against that taut line that pulls us in and says…..  Sorry…. too old…..  You might be cool, you might be hip, you might be gorgeous,  healthy and exceptional… unique in a way that ‘they’ will never find in a younger woman. ..but… It’s the facts, mam.

As my daughter tells me…. it’s all about Options.  Men have more options.  And yes, it has to do with those divisive things like Fertility, what other Men might think, Looking Good to the world, and reassuring themselves and others that they aren’t dead yet.

Ok… i’m being harsh here, but I’ll be honest.  When you get down to it, that is the baseline.  We are still living in a Man’s World, and the Rules Still Apply.

Oh, and my Chili is getting so excellent, and believe me i wish there was some guy smart enough to want to share this with me, but since right now my Boy friends consist of my Dog Arlo, my Cat Guava, and my three boys….. Bo (rainbow), Sparky, and Ru (rhubarb), who are all gorgeous Betta fishes, I think i shall just throw in some fresh organic Corn, and a little Shoya……some sage from the garden….  NO!!! Not in the Fish!  Do Not Add into Fishes!…. Into the Fabulous and Bitchin and super yummy Chili that will come to Fruition really soon, and then

I will watch more of Season 4 of “30 Rock”.  Damn, that Tina Girl is my Hero.       I think watching it for hours might have affected my mind… what do you think???  After while Alligators….