…the story of the weeping camel…

I just watched ‘The Story of the Weeping Camel’ last night,
and I have to say it was so beautiful, touching, deep and real…
I just Love the lifestyle, so in touch with earth and animals,
the generations of family together, the Yurts, the fire, the rituals.
Loved ooogling the decor as well…. surroundings were all so
artful, clean, yet wide open, sparse yet homey.

And the camels!  That baby was just delightful, and when…
oh, but I can’t say too much, I’ll give away the story!
It’s a Must See, Mood Altering, Spiritual Adventure in a world
so far from ours, yet like it.
Isn’t it wonderful how humans are all alike, in their own ways!

And don’t shy away because it’s foreign….Mongolian… there just
isn’t that much dialogue, and the visuals and heart feels predominate.

One thought on “…the story of the weeping camel…

  1. kathleen says:

    Ah yes! A wonderful, very special film. And, I recommend A Separation, the Iranian film that copped both Golden Globe and an Oscar. I found it to be a surprisingly astute and nuanced look at the human character, wherein what meets the eye is never the whole story.

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