…to be or not to be…

You know, I’m beginning to see readers that are checking out my
story from Norway, Hong Kong, Australia, Turkey, Bangladesh(!)
Brasil, and of course the States…

This is exciting!  Although the audience is small right now, to
have such a planetary interest throws me back to one intention
that has been there since before I started this blog….
I’m going to turn this Romance into a Book, sooner or later!

So for now, that’s all I have to say.  But as the days and weeks go by,
I may have some more definite plans to let you in on.  I’d like to make
it available both on line, and in printed form…

I am always interested in your reactions, so Please pipe up, join in,
and give voice to what would make you happy!
And Please note that when you have a thought, do share it with me,
even if it’s brief.  It’s nice to know you’re out there…

Peace to All…..



5 thoughts on “…to be or not to be…

  1. Laura says:

    I am here, reading every week. One thing has stuck with me from your writings of late. You mentioned a friend who was surprised to learn you were not the person she saw you as but as, gasp, a woman who would ‘wait’ for a man. oh no! But patience is a natural expression of love. The desire to be availble and open completely to another can lead to an emotional intimacy not possible otherwise. This can be very scary for some the thought of losing oneself. Love changes people whether that is good or bad can only be discovered by taking the risk.

  2. Thank you for your, as usual, insightful comments. The word she used was ‘hung up’… which as always, is indicative of the writer’s point of view. That she would view my focus as a hang up… Yes indeed, being availble and open to someone is scarey, but necessary if one is to enduce Trust in another. Too available can be threatening too, because the other may not value something easily obtained.
    Ah, the old balancing act!

    • Laura says:

      Yes, as always, you are right. And it is easy to scare men, especially the ones we want!

      • I have had this discussion on more than several occaisions, all about human nature, and valuing things/people we have to Work for…. just a little anyway. It can be seen or felt as a game… But…. isn’t it a Dance, the old back and forth, the balances of power and respect?

      • There’s a particular fellow that I believe you remember… Dor… and I had this problem with him all the time. Being a Game Player, tho not seeing himself as one, I had lots of trouble establishing respect from him, for I just loved him for real, and he was good at being blase.
        He also was afraid of intimacy, so gamey chicks were more fun, less threatening, while I just was there, always there for him. Funny, huh?
        I had to learn to pull away, and pretend to be busy or not care…
        and then he’d be more interested, and give me more caring.

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