…the truth…

Sometimes I wonder what you out there think, about
what I’m doing here.  I mean, maybe some of you wonder
just What this Brasilian might think about all of this…

First of all, let me say that This is the Truth, the Whole
Truth, and pretty much Nothing But the Truth.
At least the Truth as I know it.

Then again, the producer Robert Evans said
something that is one of my very favorite quotes…

“Every Story has three sides…. My side, Your side,
and the Truth.  And no one is lying.
Memories shared serve each differently.”

And this is never more true than when it comes to love.

But that being said, there is another truth
I’d like to share…
He always wanted his story told.  He asked me often,
and there were even times when we began writing it.

He said maybe the title should be
‘The Man Who Wouldn’t Die’
The only difference is that this time, it’s My story.

A Little PS to the Man…. just in case You are out there
listening, if you see something that bothers you, that
you don’t like, or see that isn’t true…. Please tell me.



2 thoughts on “…the truth…

  1. Shimky says:

    Lovely writing; almost like poetry.

    The different perspectives of truth are very evident at the scene of an accident. Each witness usually has a different version of events to tell.

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