This is a film you should See… it has every element necessary for a
film to be More than good, and worth the time invested.

The cast is stellar… Forest Witaker, Oprah, Vanessa Redgrave, on and
on the list would go.  The Story is Epic, chronicling the period of
violence and chaos that accompanied the Civil Rights Movement. 
It is true to history, and shows the complexity through it’s characters,
as well as some footage from the time itself.

The story is real, centering around a man who Butlered in the White
House through not only 50 years of historical times, but closely with
Eight Presidents.
By involving us in the lives of the characters who people the story, you
are able to clearly see them as stepping stones to where we are now,
as history gives each their changing perspective.

The cast includes many surprises, especially when Ike is played by
Robin Williams (subtle),  John Cusak plays Nixon  (excellent),
and Witaker works with Lenny Kravetz, Cuba Gooding, and Terrance Howard.

Throughout the backs and forths of leadership,  he remains true to
himself, always elegant and glad to be of service, in the most refined
way.  He is described as a combination of Henry Fonda and Colin Powell.
Oddly, we never see several of the Presidents, but Kennedy has a large
part in the changes that accelerated during his term, and is well played.
When Obama is elected, we are able to deeply feel the impact
of the moment.

Director Lee Daniels shows brilliance in his casting choices and his
clear ability to draw the best from each actor.
Highly recommended as Art, and as a brush up on the changes
we lived through.


…the truth…

Sometimes I wonder what you out there think, about
what I’m doing here.  I mean, maybe some of you wonder
just What this Brasilian might think about all of this…

First of all, let me say that This is the Truth, the Whole
Truth, and pretty much Nothing But the Truth.
At least the Truth as I know it.

Then again, the producer Robert Evans said
something that is one of my very favorite quotes…

“Every Story has three sides…. My side, Your side,
and the Truth.  And no one is lying.
Memories shared serve each differently.”

And this is never more true than when it comes to love.

But that being said, there is another truth
I’d like to share…
He always wanted his story told.  He asked me often,
and there were even times when we began writing it.

He said maybe the title should be
‘The Man Who Wouldn’t Die’
The only difference is that this time, it’s My story.

A Little PS to the Man…. just in case You are out there
listening, if you see something that bothers you, that
you don’t like, or see that isn’t true…. Please tell me.