… all grey …

Grey sky greys the heart

in times that should be

sun and growing.

Does my heart hinder like

the leaves that struggle ?

my eyes are grey…

the sun is grey…

there is no

contrast or bright.

Grey has grabbed

my heart, and…

my heart is tired.


9 thoughts on “… all grey …

  1. my heart is tired.

    You are wearing yourself out!

  2. hey Mohammed! thanks for the comment, but actually I wrote this a year or two ago… i have bursts of poetry that come and go, and i share them when it seems appropriate. I am just fine, and having fun with all of this!! glad to hear from you.

    • Mohammed Abdulhaque says:

      Good to know! I am having tough time, I just can’t control my mind. I need finish some of my works. I need to spend time with you guys, sadly I am always in bangle blogs. Its a shame. I need to master the grammar.
      Wish you good luck.

  3. Please tell me about bangle blogs! Also, i think you should just jump in here, as your grammar really isn’t bad, and it will improve with use…

  4. Thank you.

    In bangla Blog I am known as Polashmiah


    They also knows my real name

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