… backing off …

Journal… tuesday, july 12-13th  2005

She thought about the difference between men and women…
cliche, right?  but maybe not.  Alike but different.
maybe same feelings, different actions…

And another thing… how much is men-women chemistry, how
much is cultural bias.  I mean, come on… born with a penis?
automatic member (no pun) of the boys’ club.

And that club has different rules.  Things may be changing here,
slowly, but let’s face it, men are really having a hard time with
change, and can you blame them?

They’re bigger, stronger, more agressive.  So right there they have
this advantage over women… and I know, I’m generalizing right
now, but yes, in general, and cross culturally, this is true.

Next come the double standards.  Why is is forgivable for men
to fuck around?  Are they called a slut?  no… they’re Men.
Men are just like that.

They can shut off their emotions, separate into sectional brain
of theirs, and just do what they want.  Part of that is because
they Know it will be alright in the long run, because…
….men just Do that.  Not to be taken seriously.

How many times have we heard that…. it meant nothing.
it was Just Sex.
Oh, nice… ok…. and how many have said that to someone
about ME?
It’s the pat answer, isn’t it.  Why?  Because Men Do That…

It’s like some urban myth.  Everyone’s heard it, and everyone
kind of believes it….
But know what…. I don’t buy it.  They may have impulses…
but they have the ability to control them.
They can stop and think, even with alcohol.

So in my opinion, whatever it’s worth… well…. you get the point.

Now she thought about him.  About how distant he’d been lately,
how moody and difficult to reach.  The mood swings were
becoming intolerable, and she was feeling taken for granted.

Being that that was number one on that list of Most Hated
Treatment, she made a clear decision with herself.  Back Off.
Be moody and hard to get, just like him.
The only way to know what’s really going on with him was
to not be there.

That ..”How can I miss you if you never leave?” sort of thing.



2 thoughts on “… backing off …

  1. Sylvia McRae says:

    Sometimes the parallels so strong. I know that we “found” other when we did for a reason.

  2. Yes, think so. I enjoy your enjoying. Somehow it helps make sense of things, give perspective.

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