… a birthday celebration …



Here’s Alcir on his Birth Day last year, treating Himself
and Himself alone, to all the things he enjoys most…
…well, Nearly all the things…   February 14, 2015…
and making a Video to share and commemorate.

He’s on his Boat in Norway….  named?  “My Way”…!

Notice Two Mugs on his celebration table….
One is for his favorite Futebol (soccer) team, and
the Other is something I gave him years ago… Point Arena!

oh… and wait… are those the vintage Raybans I gave him?
……He started emailing me 2 weeks later.

The above pic is recent, growing his hair again,
and loosing 30 pounds!


Still working on the technology of it all, but you can enjoy this….

We are now starting the New Site…. champagne and baloney….
with this same posting …  and as I hone my skills, you will see
snippets of his Videos and mine, to enjoy and ponder, in the future.

Visit it and say Hi to our new project !


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