… the now …


Now.  Yes now is a new now.  A now i have not known
for a while.  I spread out.  I contemplate.  I realize how
completely roped in, restricted, limited, restrained…
I have chosen to be.  Chosen……
Because it’s a Choice… all of it.
Because i am not a victim…
Not of circumstance… nor happenstance… nor accident.
I have chosen to limit myself for a good long time now,
so as to build up a sort of Head of Steam….
a percolation of contemplation,
a pause in the movement …
a waiting for the opening Gate
that finally says ….Go….
And to burst forth…. hesitantly, yes…. sleepily and
with questioning eye… a little at a time… yet
with a slow awakened realization that here i am…
i am where i want to be, where i have chosen to be, where
i might do the things that must be done now… Now.
It’s the Nowness of the moment that is flashing in my sight.
The realization of choice, of magnetic attraction, of
the coming of what is to Be….. Now.

2 thoughts on “… the now …

  1. Sylvia says:


  2. aila1 says:

    a fountain of self awareness…

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