… people …


People…. people who need people……  groan.
I’ll never forget the first time i heard that song
sung the way it Should be sung…. by Martin Mull.
Straight faced and with great sincerity, he  mocked
his way through this sappy little song, and i never
heard it the same, ever again.

I have traveled through people all my life.  I’ve
made a study of people in every way possible.
It’s my opinion that people are like garlic… some
like it, some don’t… there are dishes that require it,
and ones that will ruin your love of tapioca pudding
forever.  And there are times when No Garlic at all
is the wisest path to happiness.

I guess i see them as in my high school science class.
I observe, take notes, compare, and sometimes even
get a good grade.  But i go home and watch a good film.

The amazing thing about people that is Not like garlic
is, they are each and every one soooo different.
I’ve met, known and loved uncountables in my many
decades of life, yet i just keep meeting ones that are in
every way possible… unique.  That’s very weird.

I mean, how can that be?  Does that really mean that
all those sow bugs that i find under my lettuce pots
are each and every one unique?  I mean, if people,
why not sow bugs?  daisies?  clouds?

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