…and the answer is…

Ok, so no one even tried to guess who the person was who wrote this wonderful tune.  Oh well.  It was just Michael Jackson’s favorite song Ever, and has been recorded by just about everyone and forever… oh well.

Before I go further, let me remind you to go directly to my site, as I’ve noticed that the emails wordpress sends out are really ugly.  Badly laid out.  And they ruin my spacing and artful layouts.  Please.  Go.  to.  My.  Site.  An even bigger reason?   Then I get encouragement from seeing the visit numbers go up.  And folks, writing is such a lonely art…. we need encouragement.

So…..Who wrote ‘SMILE’…?  It was Charlie Chaplin!  That was such a surprise to me, and I had no idea he did any musical type stuff, but it’s not really a giant anomaly.   People with tons of talent seem to let it leak out in all directions.    It almost doesn’t matter what they do, if they aim their energies there, it works.

I seem to have three different themes going on in my head right now, so soon as I focus on one, you’ll know it.  And it will be soon.  They’re stacking up like train cars, and getting impatient to be on their way.