…a name by any other rose….

What is in a name?  is it your inner soul, or your wished for image?  On the dating sites, names tell you a lot about the person, especially because they’re all trying to come across as something.  Sometimes it’s the real self, or at least the attempt to share the real self.  More often, I suspect, it’s the Look they want to have, the persona they would like to be seen as, with sunglasses and a great hair day.

Thought I’d share one of the more amusing aspects to this JOB I’ve taken on, of interviewing hot prospects, who either look good, sound good, or keep on hustling me.

Since this has been a source of delightful chuckles for me, I thought it only fair that I compile a list of some great examples.  I hope you enjoy these.

>>>First, some names are self evident….













>>Then come some that begin to be a little more amusing, strange or puzzling:

twaters ….. I think his name is waters, (first name tim?), at least I’m hoping…

goodwill_looking ….. clever name

coolmark007 …. Is he cool, ya think?

Montepython……….not sure… is this what he Likes, or what  He’s like?

TGIG  ….wish I knew what the last G was for

nitro1077 ….look out!

funcdatt …. Uh huh… ya baby

set free ….. uh, are we talking jail here?

Easygoingnostress …. Just to be clear…

owlreader37 …and he looks like Karl Marx

funcoolseniorfun … 81, is “clean and neat, has lots of movies.”

latinmanlooking….. guess he’s a blonde blue eyed Italian, cause he doesn’t look latin to me, but he knows what the ladies like.

Donaldwild …………oh Donald!

ronrocket … pilot, young, with No Info, and keeps flirting w me… says he’ll relocate.

darkgrey … a scorpio, in an awfully serious pose

partyguyfun ….. ok, just in case you want to get serious…

Sloop707 …. Ok, you gots a boat

>>And then it begins to really get good…..

noirblu …. Lots of pics, in lots of disguises….kid you not!

hotfun …. Need I say more?

Funguyhot…. Ok, let’s give a little more….”I am very sexually active, and like to see great movies and find good restaurants.  I’m not interested in a religious nut.  I particularly like Teachers (hmmmm? A little role playing?).   She has to be beautiful and sexy and highly intelligent and finds interest in almost everything in life.”      OK, just a simple guy, not asking for much… he better be rich…

dammitdan … suffers from Turrets?

romanicfun (sic) … he’s in a cowboy hat, and the pic is circle shaped, like on a spaghetti sauce label…. And he Did spell it that way.

funsnickerbar …. Use your imagination

escapee … “enjoys sexual adventures w right partner, and for her to wear something silky as opposed to cotton to bed” …  uh, where did he escape from pray tell? and well,  he certainly knows what He wants…

nonprophet … cute name…oh this one was 5’3”, an absolutely adorable leprochan in suspenders, a sort of checkered visor cap, with thumbs up and a big grin… he kept sending flirts, and says he’s very supportive of sick partners, and hopes for the same back.

…and saving the best for last….

GR8LAY ….  He’s from Florida, a burly black guy with a big gap tooth grin,  shown casually posing, arms akimbo, against large and famous places, casinos, waterfalls, sweeping scenics, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and looking all buff, and he mentions he likes to Travel, like to Europe and the Caribbean… I think he knows what he likes too…!

Enjoy the day!  I will, cause IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!




2 thoughts on “…a name by any other rose….

  1. Alexandra Avery says:

    Have a most adventurous and hilarious new turn around the sun, dear writer who makes me laugh out loud!

  2. Aloha to you my darling, and you must know your kind words mean so much to me… may your writing be inspired as well! But the Best of all is Laughter!!

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