…. options oh ya….

So where the heck has she been, they ask.  Or at least she hopes they ask…  well, for one thing I was semi coma-ed under the influence of turkey… but you were too, so likely never noticed.  But there are other things I’ve been tending to…

Last time we talked, I was expounding on the virtues of Options.  And I decided that talk was cheap, and actions were what was needed.   For me, options have to do with flow…. and the flow of the month is Cash.  And it’s working!  The universe has provided me with some flow options, and believe me, it feels great!

I’ve been selling things on ebay for other people, and I like it.  I have interesting people to relate with, fun things to look at and learn about,  and interesting cash to play with.  Me Likey.   What has been coming to mind is an old quote from May West.  I once did a sexy song that a friend of mine wrote, and amidst beaded dress and feathers, I was known as May Zest.  Great fun…

Anywayzzzz… on to her quote, her quote aimed at Women:

“In your Teens, you need good parents….  In your Twenties, you need good looks….   In your Thirties you need a good personality….  and in your Forties and beyond, you need Good Hard Cash.”

Now, since that was a long time ago, and we live longer and stay younger, I would like to insert minor changes….  Perhaps in your Thirties, you would need Good Friends…  and then move the Good Personality to the Forties, and leave the Hard Cash to your Fifties and beyond.  But however it plays out, you get the idea.  Women, after a certain age, are much more respected if they have a house and lots of money.  Period.  They can get a young lover, even move him in, and they have Options.

See?  aren’t I clever?  It all leads back to the subject at hand, which not only has to do with Options, but also Women in this culture, and …. here we go…. getting older, age, and the differences between men and women.

More in a bit.  I promise… no really.  Stay warm, and hold on to the light.

….oh, and one more thing:   I Quit that Stupid Dating Site…. more later.              There are lots of stories to come of things I learned while virtually dating.



2 thoughts on “…. options oh ya….

  1. Arla says:

    You my dear are an option many should grab hold of……..

  2. Thanks Arla…. yer a doll, and i’m so glad to hear from you!

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