…the letters…2004…

“O Senor,” I began….”por favor, send este email a Alcir de
Souza…es Muito Importante, Muito URGENTE!!”

…and I enclosed this note for him to pass on:

“Hello Alcir…
I can’t believe I found you.  I am so happy you are writing.
That is what you said you wanted to do when you called me from Rio.
I REALLY  need to hear from you.
I have gone thru the worst year of my life, and finding you,
no matter the circumstances, is such a blessing.

Please email me, you ShitHead……we need to talk.

Love from your crazy American….Carol”

This was the letter that I sent to the Editor of the site publishing his letters…
…those angry, anguished missiles of exasperation at a government, at
a world, gone mad.
I hoped that the Editor would have the time and the understanding to forward my note, but I really had no idea if he ever would.  There were Hundreds of Authors on this site…

There was no reply….. so I sent it again….

“Bom Dia o Senors e Senoras….
Por favor, send to O Senor Alcir de Souza el email de mia  …. delgaia@yahoo.com  .
Este muito muito importante, este muito URGENTE!…….

Muito obrigada!!……Carol Williams de USA.”

I didn’t know much Portuguese, but I figured he’d figure it out…

And finally he sent me a reply:

Já enviamos seu e-mail para ele  aguarde o contato.

I Was Ecstatic!

And then I waited…. for Weeks…. and then finally I found the following note WAAAAY back in my emails… His computer date must have been set wrong.

“November 29, 2004
Carol ?
 My delicious Carol, from my youthfull days in northern California, my crazy godess of love for whom i drove many times from Tahoe to the other end of Californiashwazerneger(Sory i couldn resist).
If is really you send me a foto and some private things that only you would know. What i was douing in there? wath car did i drove ? and other more private things .
Send me a return e mail soon.
If is you all my love and kisses !!!
See if is realy me the man you think you know !!!!!!”
And the photo, as you can see, was an older but wiser fellow that I still knew.
And then I composed my first letter to him, after so many years….

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