Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking… an excellent film, with Sean Penn and 
Susan Serandan.  Couldn’t get much better, and the theme 
is pretty universal, when you get down to it… Live or give up. 

But this isn’t about the film, or even about the soundtrack 
cut with Bruce Springstein, which i share with you.   
This was the Name i began calling him, and for many months…

Alcir…………..something had happened while i was gone, 
and likely it was just an extension of what had been occuring 
for years, decades between then and now.  But he was 
different, perhaps showing me, or unable to Hide, a side of 
him that was complex, fractured, and unavailable to me. 
I arrived so full of hope, and the way i am, i always believe 
that it can work out, if we want it badly enough… 

So…. it’s midday.  New Year’s Eve has been told, and has
passed… so you know what i was left with.  
A very hung over, very still-drunk man, who was unavailable
to me.  I’d come 5,000 miles, and he held an equal distance.





Loving Indy films, I figured I’d once again trust the ole intuition,
and give this one a try.  NEBRASKA…….Highly Recommended!

Bruce Dern plays an older, slightly demented fellow who believes
it when he gets the subscription teaser that tells him he’s won
a million.  He’s so obsessed, he just starts walking to the big
city to cash in.  His son keeps picking him up, til finally he figures
he’ll just take him there, and settle the whole thing, which has by
this time, become a gigantic family issue.

The Mom is on the war path, the rest of the family is somewhat
strange in their own special ways, and in all it’s a slow ride into
middle American, and human idiosyncrasies.

Fun, funny, tender, and quite real, I enjoyed it immensely, and
came away with new admiration for Dern, and the director
Alexander Payne.  Seems this film got lots of awards, including
Best Actor for Bruce at Cannes.  If you enjoy Indies, don’t miss it.