… today i wonder …

Today i think about the before and after.  Before and after the WAR, for this man i am writing about.  The Wars he was drawn to, drawn into, and inevitably devistated by.  It is my belief today that the man i Met was still enough intact to continue on a rightious path,  do marvelous things that he was meant to do, grow, change, evolve, and fulfill his task.
We each have been given a task, a multitude of tasks, to complete in this lifetime.  That is our soul’s journey and our assignment, if you will.

But the seductive path of The HERO, draws our men into battle without a certain type of armor, and frankly i doubt there IS armor for the psychological dismemberment that occurs with War.  How could there be?   And the man i met 18 years later had been drawn into realities that most of us cannot even imagine.  Heroes …?  really?  are any of us Ready and prepared to greet those of us who have experienced things they cannot even describe?  share?  talk about?  no, we are not.

So here i was, with the memory and taste of this delicious young man, wild and brave, willing to slay dragons and make the world a better place, safer for me and anyone else…. willing to fulfill the Hero’s place, and with grace and skill.

And they are slaughtered and dismembered and disembodied to the point that their fractured psyche has no where to reference, no where to ask, no where.  What is left is the beaten Hero, confused and no longer earthbound, not really knowing where they are or who they are or who they Should be now.

What are they to Do, now that they have given what they have to give, what they have been told was their’s to give, and now find themselves lost and confused, unable to proceed, unwilling to go back, questioning All that they gave and All that they Were.



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