…notes to my notes…

Hellooooo out there!  Did ya miss me?  I’ve been distracted, what with  water from sky falling down on me, and me not ready for said water falling down.  Ugh.  Do not like.

At any rate, you’ll be happy to know I have more than a few iron ideas in the fire, and will be pounding them into shape here, in the next few days.  Meanwhile, I received a letter from one of my friends who is keeping up with the blog, and he shared some thoughts on the subject.

I thought it would be interesting to share them with you, and be assured that he has granted this license, all in the spirit of anonymity.                                       He writes:

“There was an interesting article in Harpers or Atlantic recently talking about the internet dating phenomenon.  Apparently, when folks DO finally meet, the big test for everyone is just how honest they were in their initial email replies and conversation.  Every other kind of dating is different, but when the picture, the claimed qualities of height, looks, experience, type of lover, likes, dislikes, personality type, whether they actually like walks on the beach or just cuddling, etc, etc, are actually presented face to face, then the daters can and usually do make an instant judgement about how honest the other person was.
With regular dating, it is different.  There is time for the mystique to build, for the pheromones to kick in at the pot luck meeting, time to ask friends about the other person, etc.
Just thought you would like to know that factoid.
I don’t do any of it, as I am resting happily ‘married’ here, in my later years.  But I do occasionally wonder what I would do if I were tragically left single for some reason.  Not sure, but it is an interesting thing to think about.
Also interestingly, I am one of the only guys I know who has nothing to do with porn.  I understand it is a huge phenomenon, and most guys see a lot of it and like it.  I find it pretty unnecessary, totally disgusting, not like love at all, and a crude substitute for something interesting like, well, reading or a movie or an hour at the bar.   I liked naked pictures and even 8-pagers when I was 16 or even 18, but that was because there was no other titillation out there.  Sears catalog female underwear and girdle and bra ads caught my attention many times when I was very young, as did the naked black women in National Geographic.  But now the only vestige of that is that I absolutely love all kinds of lace, and even waist-high white panties.  Heck, even garters are a kick.  But please get rid of them when the tactile phase comes around, because pure skin, dim lights and the smell of hair are the best.  Perfume is good, because it talks to the lizard-brain in us all.
My!, you have made me digress.”

…and then he continues on a more personal train, which I shall quickly hide, lest he read this and decide I am not as good a friend as he thought.

So, t’would seem I’ve begun to capture what the general consensis is, regards attempting to meet someone out there on the ethers….    There’s a bit of a chill beginning to waft off my computer, and I’m starting to feel like hiding under the covers, with a flashlight and a good book.   Stay warm, and see ya soon…..



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