…zap oracle is my new love….

His latest is about aging, and he begins with this thought:                                 “For many, aging is not about feelings, not about youth, it is about hotness.

“Corporeal incarnation was probably a deal you made. Drunk on nectar and ambrosia, a giddy moment between incarnations, and with the foolish overconfidence of the disincarnate, you signed on for a mortal incarnation, which at the time seemed like the intense thing to do, kind of like a Nineteenth Century adolescent who thought going to war would be an exciting adventure.”   ………Jonathan Zap

This guy is a wonderful writer and a major thinker.  He’s also Wildly Amusing…. I highly recommend your checking out his site, and checking in once in a while, when you need a little pick me up.  He does just that!

Right now I’m half way through this latest missiles, and over my morning cup, have decided once again that he’s a worthy guru.  Hope you enjoy touching in on a brilliant mind.




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