…a twig on the tree of life….

You know, i still find myself in the wake of the film “The Tree of Life” .                  I watched it yet again, amidst late hours and food orgies and wine drifts, and still now today i am left in this strange and nebulous thought-system that seems to be, in part, mimicking the imagery of yesterday’s watch.

Before i go any further, let me once again remind you that i LOVE it when you Go To My Site.  ONE….. you get a much better visual of the beauty of words and colors and design.  TWO…. because I LIKE It when i know you have visited my site!!  I Love Feedback my Friends!

This film was Other.  And I like it.  A lot.  Brad Pitt has succeeded in embedding himself into my cosmic brain, and his moment to moment emotings have just left me Breathing and Breathless at the same time.

(He has also invaded my dream sequences, which always tells me there is something there that is timeless, iconic ((i know, i love that word)), and trust me,  it is more than wishful thinking or sexual fantasy)

No… i am no spin minded adoration member…. no… this film really allowed him to share with us what he’s learned.  Fatherhood has been not only beneficial to him…  it has been assimilated, cross referenced, and now has emerged this new being, sprung from the chrysalis of emotional dimensions… his Face in many scenes thoroughly Makes the film.

Some Critiques i have read speak about confusion, as tho linear thought is all that matters.  It doesn’t.  We all need to think on both sides of the brain.

I am once again a fan of the Two of them, Him and Her, for they are some sort of Archetypal reflection of correctness in Priorities.  The most beautiful and talented duo to come along since Liz and Richard  (am i dating myself?  or is film outside of decade dimensions?) I do believe this man has come into his Own, due in some Part to his partnering up with this Woman, this mysterious and somewhat neurotic woman, who also desires to Be the Best She Can, and is a sort of beacon to what is coming, what is Our desire, to what we want to be when all is said and done.

Goddess bless them, and their little family, and their beautiful visions of what Can be… they are well matched, and Are a Shakespearean drama that is being enacted quite Admirably by our Lovely and Iconic players.

So…. that is tonight’s thoughts.  I love this life.  We are privileged, not only to Live it, but to Share it….. how wonderful a Time to be Alive!





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