4 thoughts on “…a choice…

  1. dona KELLEY says:

    OR as Ken Kesey said, “YOU ARE EITHER ON THE BUS OR OFF THE BUS” so sit down and behave, or get with the program or you are just plain off the bus and not with the proram!

  2. laura says:

    It’s all a choice, yes? Judgement, that moment when we assess ourselves is the first step to becoming a new version of ourselves, no? We learn to make new choices after having a change in perspective that only time and distance can reveal.

  3. YES! indeed, every moment is a choice. Sometimes it’s overwhelming if you think about it too much. Go from the Gut, for it will never fail you. That first impulse is from True Self. And yes, only a change in perspective grants the potential for change…. or not. Yet another choice!

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