…for laura….a morpho butterfly tray…

So Here is a lovely example of the Morpho Butterfly Tray that I have not only referred to, but gone to great extremes to collect and delight in…

Those  of you who care, you will be happy to know that….

I HAVE ENTERED THE KING TUT’S TOMB OF MY PAST TODAY…..  and have located some delicate delectibles of my past Journals… as well as Photographs and Memoirs….  oh my!  I shall deliver ….and soon…!

Meanwhile…..This type of tray was produced in Brasil in the twenties, thirties and forties.  In the fifities and sixties, they continued, but by the late sixties, the Morpho Butterfly was protected, and no longer were these gorgeous but doubtfully moral objects.

4 thoughts on “…for laura….a morpho butterfly tray…

  1. laura says:

    I recall seeing those on occasion as a child and being fascinated by the translucence. So they did use real butterflies, wow! There must have been a lot of Morpho butterflies in Brazil when they were being made. I can just imagine how beautiful it would have been to see a live show of them, spectacular.

  2. Yes indeed. I’m so glad they made them a protected species. One afternoon, while in Brasil and walking in some outback place near a
    small river, we were suddenly surrounded by literally thousands of
    yellow butterflies. It was so magical, and it went on for many many minutes. Alas, no more film in the camera!!

  3. Brenda says:

    inherited a butterfly tray…gorgeous…what are they worth

    • Hi Brenda… it’s hard to say. It depends on size, design, condition,
      and uniqueness. The ones that have LOTS of the blue butterfly wings are
      more desireable, but the wings on some are deteriorating, or there is
      water damage, sun damage, wings that have migrated.
      Look on ebay…that will give you an idea.
      thanks for your interest………………Carol

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